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MANAMA: Bahrain yesterday called for a pan-Arab meeting to discuss the future of the region.

His Majesty King Hamad made the call as he held a telephone conversation with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

He stressed the need to co-ordinate the meeting to map out a strategy spearheading the progress of the Arab nations.

He also highlighted the importance of such a blueprint to promote the interests, security and stability of Arabs.

The strategic importance of Egypt and its pivotal role as a guarantor of Arab stability was also stressed.

"The stability of Egypt reflects on the stability of all Arab countries," His Majesty said, calling for strong bilateral relations.

He expressed his confidence in the stability and steadfastness of Egypt, hailing President Mubarak's wisdom, enlightened vision and aspiration to ensure a better future for his people.

King Hamad hailed Egypt's firm and principled national stance, describing it as a reference point for all Arab and Islamic causes.

He highlighted the crucial role played by Egypt in the liberation of Kuwait in 1990.

His Majesty also praised the vital role of Egypt, led by President Mubarak, in championing Arab causes, promoting unity and consolidating the march of joint work.

"Bahrain will never forget the support received from Egypt which we consider the Arab Grand House," he said.

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