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Technology success for Lightspeed

MANAMA: Lightspeed Communications has announced the successful testing of a new technology that would enable the company to provide its customers with Internet speeds of up to 80mbps on a wired reliable connection.

"Thanks to our affiliation with Orange, we were able to benefit from the group's knowledge, expertise and support to qualify, test and begin the rollout of Internet connections over VDSL2," said Lightspeed chief executive Philippe Baudin.

This follows a workshop by Orange Labs in Bahrain for Lightspeed Communications' staff. "This technology is ideal for Bahrain, a small country with high density of population in cities, making the reach of higher speeds possible to a larger number of the population," said Orange Labs representative Konrad Dabrowski.

"We believe that this technology will be a great success in Bahrain, bringing high value for the market. "We are committed to Bahrain's telecom market bringing new innovative solutions and technologies that would at the end benefit our customers," he said.

"Not only will this technology allow us to provide higher speeds of Internet to business customers but also to home users, providing higher and better experience in upload and download speeds."

The rollout of the new services will commence in the near future in private developments and continue through the coming year.

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