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Jobs quota system may be scrapped

AN existing percentage scheme that defines the Bahrainisation quota in the private sector could soon be scrapped.

The Labour Ministry seeks to change the law, which forces companies to provide a certain number of jobs for Bahrainis in exchange for benefits.

It introduced an amendment to turn the percentage system into a qualitative-based scheme, which focuses on the quality of jobs offered to Bahrainis.


"We have conducted a study on the current Bahrainisation system and discussed its angles with authorities concerned to seek ways for improvement," said Labour Minister Jameel Humaidan.

"A gap was found between jobs offered by employers which do not match what is sought by job seekers, and this was identified as an important problem with the current system,

"We then proposed to transfer the system from a percentage one to a qualitative system."

He was speaking during a Press conference yesterday following Cabinet's weekly meeting at Gudaibiya Palace, where he explained the benefits of the new amendment.

It means companies providing professions that will actually be filled by Bahrainis will be seen as equal to those that provide a certain number of jobs.

"The more the job is needed and required by Bahrainis, the more it weighs for the company to get benefits from the Labour Ministry," explained Mr Huamidan.

"If a company offers a managerial job for example to a Bahraini, it is not treated as a regular job.

"Therefore, the company's benefits will be double due to the grade of the job which is considered in place of three or two jobs for example.

"With this system, we can solve the gap found between demanded jobs and those offered in the market."

He said the Cabinet approved the new system and directed the ministry to fast-track its implementation.

"It covers many enterprises which do not need the Bahrainisation system as a commitment, but seek it to improve its situation to benefit from the available national market capabilities and ministry's services," he said.

Mr Humaidan said sectors which are not attractive to Bahrainis such as construction, beauty or cleaning will have their percentages re-evaluated depending on their situation.

"Sectors which percentages are beyond their ability to meet for Bahrainisation will have their percentages re-evaluated," he said.

"It first needs to be ensured that such companies cannot meet their commitments of the system.

"The re-evaluation will be held with the participation of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry ."

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