Young scholars take a bow... 

STUDENTS were en-couraged to make the best of their talents, to recognise their limitations and strive to overcome them, as they took a bow at prize-giving ceremony yesterday.

The message went out to more than 200 St Christopher's School students during the school's annual Prize Day, held at the Bapco Club, Awali.

Scores of parents, teachers, officials and dignitaries attended the event, which featured a musical interlude by the school's orchestra conducted by music head Alistair Auld and choir by music teacher Lydia Auld.

Guest of honour was British Amba-ssador Robin Lamb, who congratulated students on achieving top exams results and the school for providing an excellent educational environment.

Mr Lamb said that Bahrain gave expatriates a chance to enjoy a high standard of living, as well as to take advantage of a variety of sports activities and excellent educational opportunities.

"Living daily life in a diverse mix of cultures, nationalities and backgrounds broadens choices of relationships at school and the opportunities it offers," said Mr Lamb.

"This will stand students in good stead in individual relationships and new challenges and experiences they will have."

Mr Lamb concluded by congratulating the students on their achievements and encouraging other students to continue the good work.

"Students make the best with what you have been given, recognise your limitations and overcome them," he said.

"If someone tells you you can't do something, prove them wrong, and then see the personal satisfaction you'll receive.

"The next challenge for students is at the next stage of education when they return to study in England, or another country.

"There might be less money to go round, people might be more streetwise than you are at a local level, but don't be phased. You have many advantages that other fellow students don't have."

Following his speech Mr Lamb presented more than 200 students with prizes and awards for outstanding achievement.

Students received prizes for their achievements in school subjects, as well as awards for extra-curriculum activities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, music activities and for achieving particular feats. Special awards were given to: Reem Budagher for her outstanding A-level art exhibition; Sarah-Jane Nolan for outstanding achievement in drama; Philip Walsh for outstanding achievement in music; Ahmed Ali for male athlete of the year; Francesca Simmons for female athlete of the year; Christine Lee for community service; Tarryn Carlsson for head girl; Hadi Makarem for head boy and outstanding student of the year; and Emma Al Tareif for runner up to Dux.

Mr Lamb received a Vote of Thanks from Tarryn and Hadi.

A new award was introduced this year by Infant Schools (Awali and Budaiya) head Sandy Whitford, in recognition of a student's loyalty and commitment to the school.

Mrs Whitford, who is retiring after 25 years service at the school, presented the Whitford Award to Year 13 student Khalid Maiden.

The Infants School head also received a gift from principal Ed Goodwin and flowers from Hadi for her 25 years service.

Senior school head teacher Peter Daly gave an overview of the school's academic and extra-curricular achievements throughout the year.

"The school's reputation for outstanding academic success continued at the start of the year with some of the best exam results achieved by students in all three key stages," said Mr Daly.

"Ninety-seven per cent of students at GCSE gained A* to C with 53pc attaining a grade A or A*.

"There was a 99pc pass rate at A Level with 63pc of students gaining an A or B grade. This must be compared to a UK figure of 46pc for A and B grades.

"These figures compared well with any independent school in the UK and an even a greater credit to our students success is that our entry requirements are much lower than most of those schools.

"Thanks to all the staff for these results as they have worked so hard to ensure that the students gain results in line with their potential and often actually above what they would have achieved in a similar school elsewhere in the world."

Mr Daly reflected on the school's successful events including the Edexcel Awards evening, The Young Musicians of the Gulf, St Christopher's Music Festival, the Rock and Pop concert, the 'After Juliet' drama production and Art exhibition.

"The students have a variety of experience at St Christopher's. The annual trip to the Hague to participate in the Model United Nations continued this year and the opportunity to take part in Bahmun here in Bahrain," he said.

"Both events are great opportunities for our students to develop their debating skills in the public arena and they were a credit to the school during both events.

"The skill of debating was developed among the lower years with the introduction of an internal debating school competition that resulted in a national competition in Bahrain.

"We had the annual Ski Trip to Switzerland and the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition to Cyprus.

"D of E is becoming increasingly popular with the students so that we now have significant numbers taking up all awards.

"The students' presentations have been completed and indicated what a tremendous experience this is for the students who get involved."

Mr Daly also praised the school for its achievements in sports, as well as its community service contributions and successful fund-raising activities.

"St Christopher's Senior School embraces a whole life philosophy of education," he said. "Throughout the year we aim to stretch, challenge, encourage and support all students not just in an academic sense but also through the activities that we provide in and beyond the classroom."

He ended his speech by presenting the Head Teacher's Prize to Cairen Harry.

Mr Goodwin closed the ceremony by congratulating students and thanking parents, teachers and staff for their contributions throughout the year.


The winners are: Arabic: Firas Al Ajami 7D, Mazen Al Maskati 7B, Randa Mujahid 8B, Ahmed Al Araifi 8B, Dhabya Al Ghatam 9E, Ahmed Ahmed 9E, Abeer Zainal10B, Farah Taqi 10E, Sarah Moussaif 11A, Abdulla Redha 11F.

Art: Noor Ghali 7B, Michael Visser 7E, Nicole Pearce 8A, Connor Speechly 8C,

Suzanne Khoshabi 9F, Rohan Krishnan 9D, Fatima Al Alaiwat 10A, Nada Tayeb 10E, Tanya Kholi 11C, Stephanie Barranger 11C, Reem Budagher 12F, Dzan Karajica 12A, Rose Vlajic 13K, Tanya Bhatia 13G.

Biology: Neethu Mathew 12H, Fred Borgoin 12C, Gayathri Gnanasekarem 13J,

Fathima Nasmy 13L.

Business Studies: Ziyad Nassif 13G, Janet Murray 13E, Angela,Simpson 12D,

Thomas Gale 12I, Yasmin Ghali 11D, Stephanie Barranger 11C, Sophie Amili 10A, Sasha Jespers 10F.

Chemistry: Ashraf Saheb 12B, Bedoor Radhi 12M, Gayathri Gnanasekarem 13J, Arslan Arshad 13A.

Design and Technology: Varun Kappur 7F, Michael Visser 7E, Siddart Ramchander 8C, Ebrahim Al Arrayed 8B, Karla Elzein 9D, Georgia Williams 9B, Matthew Martinkovic 12B, Matthew Riley 12C, Talal Al Alaiwat 13H, Rama Salem 13D.

Design and Technology - Resistant Materials: Petros Poullaides 10C, Marcus Riley 10A, Adam Gardiner 11F, Paul Stanley 11D.

Design and Technology - Graphic Products: Nada Tayeb 10E, Aditi Banarjee 10F, Tanya Kholi 11C, Jamie Moody 11D.

Drama: Aylish Dove 7B, Stefan Almon 7A, Samantha Carlsson 8B, Rasha Jones 8A, Christine Simpson 9A, Sana Sadique 9E, Ian Walsh 10D, Sophie Amili 10A, Suhasini Gunatillaka 11E, Razan Al Mutairi 11A, Thomas Brennan 12L, Zenah Arafeh 12A, Helen McKee 13B, Janet Murray 13E.

Economics: Jeanne Vaz 13I, Faiz Sadique 13I, Yasmeen Rouben 12E, Said Al Salah 12J, Shaheen Seedat 11A, Jonathan Cooper 11E, Nicole Crequer 10C, Heba Khan 10C.

English: Abeer Kedwai 7D, Kate Walker 7E, Tarun Iyer 8A, Alexandra Bulley 8A, Isabelle Rieder 9A, Dhabya Al Ghatam 9E, Gareth Pugh 10F, Saranya Seetharaman 10D, Natalie Lines 11F, Adam Piggin 11E, Christine Lee 12J, Deian Tzonev 12L, Cairen Harry 13L, Lauren Eells 13F.

English Literature: Jenna Al Ansari 10D, Kelly Stapleton 10F, Daniela Tamman 11E, Reham Rasheed 11A.

Geography: Simon De Vuyst 7C, Vishesh Mhatre 7F, Andrea Sequeira 8B, Nareen Agha 8C, Daniel Tran 9F, Zaid Kashef Al Ghata 9B, Gareth Pugh 10F, Kelly Stapleton 10F, Shaheen Seedat 11A, Nicola Small 11F, Hamish Diaz-Steptoe 12E, Eman Al Alaiwat 12A, Faiz Sadique 13I, Stephen Nash 13C.

History: Sarah Young 7F, Joshua Smith 7B, Ahmed El Gohary 8E, Nicole Pearce 8A, Felicity Herrmann 9B, Karla Elzein 9D, Aditi Banerjee 10F, Zoe McMurdo 10F, Abdulla Reda 11F, Robert Carter 11D, Emma Al Tareif 12L, Ali Mattar 12K, Dawood Rouben 13F, Safa Al Sairafi 13F.

ICT: Andrew Scopes 7A, Yousif Rouben 7A, Vivek Thaker 8B, Greta Otteson 8D, Ella Jefferson 9B, Jack Ashbery 9D, Gautam Arodi 12M, Mazen Aljishi 12N, Joanna Sherman 13C, Mohammed Al Khalifa 13F.

ICT GCSE Level: Gareth Pugh 10F, Harry Openshaw 10B, Ahmed Bucheery 11D, Sawsan Al Sairafi 11F.

ICT AS Level: Petros Poullaides 10C, Fatima Al Alaiwat 10A, Petros Poullaides 10C, Fatima Al Alaiwat 10A.

Islam: Firas Al Ajami 7D, Fay Fulad 7A, Ahmed Al Araifi 8B, Ayman Saeed 8A, Ahmed Ahmed 9E, Aamer Shaikh 9C, Farah Taqi 10E, Sarah Allengawi 10A, Shaheen Seedat 11A, Laila ElGohary 11A.

Mathematics: Ashis Ghosh 7B, Sarah Al Alaiwat 7A, Hussain Al Fardan 8E, Nicholas Brett 8D, Daniel Tran 9F, Alice Chapman 9B, Petros Poullaides 10C, Gianne Middleton 10B, Mustafa Ali 11E GCSE, Ali Aamer 11E GCSE.

Additional Mathematics: Tanya Kohli 11C, Nina Paul 11C.

Further Mathematics: Avneet Gill 12G, Fahad Sperinck 12C, Yousef Redha 13A, Shujaul Arefeen 13C.

A Level-Maths: Neethu Matthews 12H, Mahmood Akbar 12L, Ziyad Nassif 13G, Weeam Sperinck 13B.

Media Studies: Fred Bourgoin 12, Youssef Tayeb 12, Safa Al Saraifi 13, Rama Salem 13.

French: Ann-Marie Karam 7F MFL, Laura Prawius 7D MFL, David Tran 8D MFL, Laura Dewar 8D MFL, Madeline Hudson 9F MFL, Jemayne Buckingham 9D MFL, Sophie Amili 10A MFL, Willem McIsaac 10A MFL, Sudarshan Sriraman 11C MFL, Gaynor Wood 11D MFL, Avneet Gill 12G MFL, Janine Mallis 12C MFL, Khalid Al Bastaki 13D MFL, Noel Witter 13E MFL.

German: Nadine Ashworth 7F MFL, Natasha Park 7C MFL, Afreen Saheb 8F MFL, Katerina Al Qurainees 8E MFL, Isabelle Rieder 9A MFL, Mark Paul 9F MFL, Miska Daredia 10E MFL, Laura Gale 10A MFL, Catharina Paul 11F MFL, Adam Gardiner 11F MFL, Tarryn Carlsson 12H MFL.

Music (Curriculum): Nikki Pasturel 7B, Yousif Rouben 7A, Siddart Ramchander 8C, Connor Speechly 8C, Anirudh Kumar 9D, Maymoona Al Qasim 9D, Jordan Gillespie 10E, Tom Lambo 10B, Suhasini Gunatillaka 11E, Adam Gardiner 11F, Hamish Diaz-Steptoe 12E, Adrian Stafford 12A, Jessica McLouglin 13E, Jamie Anderton 13L.

Music (Instrumental): Hoomam Makarem 7D, Edward Pringle 7C, David Tran 8D, Andrea Sequeira 8B, Christopher Lue 9C, Jamaila Al Keshi 9C, Daisy Daniell 10F, Charlotte Spires 10B, Emma Gray 11B, Laura Bradley 11D, Zenah Arafeh 12A, Emma Al Tareif 12L, Natalie Sayers 13L, Navdeep Gill 13H.

Physical Education - Boys: Anthony James 7A, Michael James 7C.

Physical Education - Girls: Jacqueline Harper 7B, Nikki Pasturel 7B.

Physical Education - Boys: Gordon Gilmore 8F, Haydn Palmer 8D.

Physical Education - Girls: Kara Dalgarno 8C, Suzzana Hobday 8E.

Physical Education - Boys: Paolo Blasi 9A, Jash Bhatia 9E.

Physical Education - Girls: Kim Bradley 9E, Talal Fahoom 9E.

GCSE Physical Education: Katy Lyons10E, Nicholas Biron 10D.

Physical Education - Boys: David Nolan 10A, Howard Goode 10A.

Physical Education - Girls: Nada Tayeb 10E, Jennifer Callow 10A

GCSE Physical Education: Emma Gray 11B, Owen Jones 11F.

AS Level Physical Education: David Peters 12D, James Nunn 12H, Emily Naylor 13B, Linsey Potter 13J.

Physical Education - Boys: Khalid Maidan 13L, Dimitris Karaolis 13K, Salman Al Zayani 11A, Rayan Al Ajaji 11C.

Physical Education - Girls: Natalia Kaila 11F, Emma Pasturel 11F, Filanthi Tzaerli 13N, Cairen Harry 13L.

Physical Education - Boys: Nick Taylor 12E, Isa Maidan 12H.

Physical Education - Girls: Emma Al Tareif 12L, Angela Simpson 12D.

Physics: Amritha Karipat 12D, Hind Zaidan 12N, Amr El Labban 13F, Dean Phelan 13B.

Psychology: Omair Shariq 12G, Janet Murray 13E.

Religious Education: Varun Kapur 7F, Leah Jacobs 7E, Praveer Nidamaluri 8E, Nicole Pearce 8A, Ilona Debono 9E, Nikhil Thadani 9F.

Science: Akhilesh Goswani 7A, Mazen Almaskati 7B, Azhar Seedat 8F, Madeline Taylor 8E, Sayf Al Salman 9C, Claire Horn 9F, Shruthi Pillai 10B, Malak Al Saffar 10C, Shaheen Seedat 11A, Mannuel Al Mutawa 11E.

Form Prize: Aqil Bhat 7A,Mahmood Marzooq 7B, Nicolas Van der Tol 7C, Omran Saeed 7D, Tamara Lewis 7E, Anne-Marie Karam 7F, Astrid Jespers 8A, Sasha Hull 8B, Narjess Al Alawi 8C, Nadine Khoury 8D, James Yates 8E, Faten Marzooq 8F, Katie Dixon 9A, Zaid Kashef Al Ghata 9B, Aamer Shaikh 9C, Jade Williams 9D, Georgina Bradley 9E, Fabio Cantoni 9F.

St Christopher's Music Festival Level 3:

Siddarth Ramchander first place for Piano

Hadi Makerem second place for Viola

Christopher Lue third place for Clarinet

Young Musician of the Gulf: Emma Gray Composer of the Gulf winner

St Christopher's Percussion Group Finalists:

Jess McLoughlin, Jamie Anderton, Zenah Arafeh, Radhika Poduval, Adam Gardiner, Suhasini Gunatillaka, Craig Deporto.

Laura Bradley semi-finalist for Voice

Other participants - Soloists: Jamie Anderton, Trumpet; Hamish Diaz-Steptoe, Euphonium; Linsey Potter, Violin; Natalie Sayers, Piano; Zenah Arafeh, Flute; Navdeep Gill, Violin; Yasmeen Rouben, Piano; Philip Walsh, Cornet.

Composers: Adam Gardiner, Hamish Diaz-Steptoe.

Ensembles - St Christopher's String Group: Navdeep Gill, Linsey Potter, Avneet Gill, Farah Murad, Hadi Makarem, Emma Gray, James Johnson.

St Christopher's String Trio: Navdeep Gill, Linsey Potter, Natalie Sayers.

Associated Board Practical: Jamie Anderton for grade 8 trumpet, Navdeep Gill for grade 8 violin, Natalia Kalila for grade 7 flute, Anveet Gill for grade 6 violin, Zenah Arafeh for grade 6 piano, David Tran for grade 5 piano, Oliver Hudson for grade 5 flute, Thomas Lambo for grade 5 trumpet, Christopher Lue for grade 5 clarinet, Madeleine Hudson for grade 5 piano.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award:

Bronze: Aditi Bannerjee, Afaf Bitar, Alex Brennan, Alex Keeble, Amber Rowe, Amna Al Yousif, Amritha Jacob, Ayman Al Basri, Ayoola Oyebanjo, Catharina Paul, Charlotte Collinson, Claire Harry, Daisy Daniell, Daniel Owen, Diego Fenwick, Elaine Galbraith, Emily Hamilton, Emma Gray, Fahad Babar, Faisal Al Meer, Faraz Mujtaba, Fatima Alalaiwat, Fatima Al Rayes, Gareth Pugh, Gianne Middleton, Hadeel Anabtawi, Hamed Heidari, Harry Openshaw, Ian Walsh, James Butler, Ji Sun Kwak, Katy Lyons, Katy Rose Cummings, Kelly Stapleton, Kirsty Williams, Lana Al Salah, Laura Gale, Leanne Bailey, Lloyd Parks, Malak Al Saffar, Marcus Riley, Max Wakefield, Miska Daredia, Mohammed Alwasaibei, Nada Tayeb, Nadia Hijris, Natalia Kaila, Neethu Mathew, Nicholas Biron, Nicole Crequer, Nina Saeed, Noor Mushtaq, Olivia Jenkins, Razan Al Mutairi, Sarah Allengawi, Sasha Jespers, Sawsan Al Sairafi, Shereen Abdulla, Sherif Abdulla, Simon Gilbert, Vicky Stec, Zakir Mir and Zoe McMurdo.

Silver: Adam Cowling, Adam Gardiner, Alex Hudson, Amber Rowe, Hadi Makarem, Hannah Dossary, Hishang Kewalram, Marios Glykys, Mary Anne Fehmi, Mohammed Budhaish, Natalie Lines, Nihal George, Pooja Mohan, Rasha Budagher, Shaheen Seedat, Sudi Sriraman, Tanya Kohli, Thomas McAuley and Yasmine Ghali.

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