Society sends five ambulances 


FIVE fully-equipped ambulances worth BD125,000 will be sent to Gaza by a Bahraini society to help in the relief effort.

The ambulances, worth BD25,000 each, have been bought by Al Eslah Society - the charity wing of Bahrain's Al Menbar National Islamic Society, which is affiliated to Hamas.

They include state-of-the-art equipment and can even be used to provide onsite medical treatment, Al Eslah Charitable Society human relief welfare manager Khalid Ameen Abdul Kareem told the GDN yesterday.

The ambulances have been bought in Egypt and are expected to be delivered to Gaza by next week.

Two consignments of aid have already been sent to Gaza by the society, including packed food, bottled drinking water, warm clothes, medicines and blankets bought with money raised in Bahrain.

"We have agreed to use some of the funds available to purchase five ambulances and send them after equipping them appropriately to Gaza," said Mr Kareem.

"This is the least we can do to help save people in dire need of medical assistance.

"We bought the medical goods from Egypt and sent them into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing".

However, the society hopes the shipment of ambulances will be the first of many and is continuing to raise money to support the people of Palestine, public relations officer Abdulnoor Yousif told the GDN.

Mr Yousif also urged people in Bahrain to donate more to help the people of Gaza.

"The help is being offered by our society in the hope that it will help our Palestinian brothers overcome the pain and suffering they are going through - especially in Gaza," he said.

"We are open to any size of donation to help them.

Mr Yousif said he could not give a total figure for how much money had been raised.

"Our campaign is still ongoing and anyone interested in helping us should feel free to contact us," he added.

"We have received an amazing response from people of all walks of life.

"To implement this, we organised various fundraisers and charity functions at the society, distributed flyers, advertised in various newspapers and sent faxes and e-mails to organisations and individuals.

"Gazans are still in desperate need of food, medicine, tents, blankets, clothes and many other basic necessities.

"There is no electricity, gas or water.

"Many are sleeping in this cold weather without warm clothes or blankets.

The society is only accepting cash donations and anyone interested in supporting the fundraiser should call 17333090, 36006166 or fax 17325538.

Two ambulances have already been bought for the people of Gaza with money raised by the Bahrain Medical Society.

An eighth ambulance will also be delivered by the National Democratic Action Society.

"We have agreed with the Arab Medical Union to buy and equip an ambulance according to the needs of our brothers in Gaza," said society vice-president and Palestine Committee president Fouad Al Siyadi.

"We spent BD15,000 on the ambulance and have agreed to take it inside the blockaded area."

The society held a forum last night at its Adliya headquarters, during which former Education Minister Dr Ali Mohammed Fakhro spoke about the aftermath of the current fighting.

More than 300 people attended the event, which also collected money for the Palestinian cause.

The forum also discussed ways to support two Bahraini doctors, Dr Nabeel Tammam and Dr Ali Al Ekri, who have already entered Gaza to support the relief effort.

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