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MANAMA: Bahrain is set to send a 700-tonne consignment of aid containing food, medicines and tents to conflict-torn Yemen.

A total of 36 shipping containers filled with the aid, including a special one for medicines, will set sail on Saturday from Khalifa Bin Salman Port.

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Tubli sewage plant upgrade is urged

EXPERTS have warned that Bahrain's main wastewater treatment plant is overloaded and in need of an urgent upgrade.

700 tonnes of aid for Yemen

ONE of Bahrain's largest-ever consignments of aid will soon set sail for conflict-torn Yemen, it has been announced.

Tougher rape laws vow

MPs are studying a proposal to introduce tougher punishments against rapists, including life sentences.

Traders pledge to hold prices

BUSINESS leaders have made moves to reassure the public that the price of other goods will not be raised to cover the cost of Cabinet-proposed subsidy cuts on meat.

Housing projects work underway

CONSTRUCTION work is underway on 3,895 houses in two major housing projects, Northern City and East Hidd, it has been revealed.

Blaze scare students back in apartments

A GROUP of Bahraini students evacuated from a burning building in the Chinese city of Nanjing have now returned to their apartments.

Spending rethink 'vital for subsidy cuts plan'

BAHRAIN's government has been asked to justify its planned public spending in the budget for 2015 and 2016, as parliament and the Shura Council seek alternatives to subsidy cuts.

Bahrain determined to enforce law says minister

INFORMATION Minister Isa Al Hammadi stressed Bahrain's unwavering commitment to enforcing the law noting "exercising political work in the kingdom does not mean immunity from punishment for transgressing the law."

Travel advice for Yemenis denied

MANAMA: Bahrain's Embassy in Riyadh has dismissed rumours that an announcement was issued to Yemenis by authorities with respect to travel or stay in Bahrain.

Day of pride

SEVENTY-SIX students from Sacred Heart School yesterday graduated with IGCSE certificates.

Mango Mania festival at LuLu Hypermarkets

MORE than 100 varieties of mango from around the world feature in an annual festival organised by Lulu Hypermarket.

Port delays won't hit perishable products

FEARS that perishable goods arriving at Khalifa Bin Salman Port could spoil due to delays clearing customs have been allayed.

Death sentence upheld for killing policeman

A BAHRAIN court has upheld the death sentences of two Bahrainis convicted of detonating a bomb that killed a policeman and injured five others.

Witnesses testify in arms trial

PROSECUTION witnesses gave evidence in the case of a former lieutenant accused of gun possession.

Gulf Hotel loses world record for largest cake

THE Gulf Hotel has lost the world record for the largest tiramisu in culinary history.

Alarm over fruit imports law

TRADERS fear that a 12-year-old law on fruit and vegetable imports that has never been properly enforced will create a bureaucratic headache if fully implemented.

Weather warning for Bahrainis in Texas

MANAMA: Bahrainis in Texas were yesterday warned for the second day in a row to be cautious of floods and thunderstorms.

Two charged with sheltering fugitives

A MOTHER and her son are standing trial for allegedly sheltering three fugitives wanted in connection with terrorism.

Support pledged for Saudi Arabia

KUWAITI Amir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah has affirmed his support for Saudi Arabia in its efforts to combat terrorism.

Recommendations approved

BAHRAIN'S recommendations were approved by experts at a major educational conference in China.

BCCI's strategies highlighted

THE Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry has adopted smart strategies to keep pace with the robust changes and challenges in the market, and to ensure its competence in serving the private sector and enhance its contribution to the national economy, chairman Khalid Almoayed said yesterday.

Joint EU projects are on the way

AN increased number of joint environmental projects by Bahrain and the European Union (EU) is among recommendations to come out of the Bahrain Europe Environment Week (BEEW), which concludes today.

Film festival opens today

BUDDING young Bahraini actors and filmmakers will be given a taste of stardom today at a special red carpet event to open a major film festival.

Woman loses plea against her sentence

A BAHRAINI woman sentenced to 12 months in jail for harbouring fugitives has lost the appeal against her sentence.

Journalist acquitted of defaming sect

A JOURNALIST accused of defaming Shi'ite Muslims has been acquitted.

Alba strikes deal with union over allowance

AN agreement on a social allowance has been reached between Alba's management and the Alba Labour Union.

Psychiatric treatment for suspect

A MAN accused of molesting a shop worker has been referred to the Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.

Man accused of fraudulent job offers

A COMPLAINT has been lodged against a man in India who is accused of defrauding young people out of thousands of dinars with the promise of jobs in Bahrain.

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