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MANAMA: The GCC countries were yesterday urged to draw up a Nato-like joint strategy to deal with mounting challenges and deter threats. "The GCC states have failed to date to approve a joint strategic concept of deterrent and balancing force," His Majesty's adviser for diplomatic affairs Dr Mohammed A...ReadMore

Growth push 'is a national priority'

MANAMA: Setting development goals and rigorously following them up is a national priority, declared the Premier yesterday.

GCC union has become a necessity says Premier

MANAMA: The Premier yesterday urged speeding up the implementation of the proposed GCC union.

New taskforce to help maids

AN inter-ministerial taskforce is being set up to tackle the growing problem of runaway housemaids.

Cleric Najati to be deported

MANAMA: Shi'ite cleric Hussain Najati is to be deported from Bahrain, after he ignored legal procedures.

Escaped convicts are recaptured

MANAMA: Police yesterday recaptured two escaped convicts who gave officers the slip while being taken to court from Jaw Prison on Monday.

GCC nuclear plan call

GCC NATIONS should work on acquiring nuclear know-how to balance any threat from Iran, it was declared yesterday

Families defiant l Hundreds refuse to sell land in Nabih Saleh

AROUND 400 families with plots of land on an historic island have refused to sell despite being told they are not allowed to build homes.

Bungling thief leaves 'selfie' at crime scene

A BUNGLING burglar who snapped a "selfie" on his mobile phone and left it behind at the scene of the crime was jailed for five years yesterday.

Witnesses fail to attend trial of jail riot 19

DEFENCE witnesses have failed to attend the third hearing in a row in the case of 19 inmates charged with attacking prison guards.

Out-of-court debt deal

A COMPANY that runs Bahrain's biggest theme park has agreed to an out-of-court settlement to pay more than BD400,000 of unpaid rent.

Interpol alert over abduction

A FRESH alert has been issued by the world's largest police organisation to locate a missing Bahraini student who was abducted in Pakistan last month.

Arms trial five plead not guilty

FIVE men who allegedly smuggled weapons into Bahrain by sea and stashed them in their homes have pleaded not guilty in court.

Two-day Asian music festival is lined up

A TWO-day Asian music and dance festival will be held at the Indian School in Isa Town on May 1 and 2.

Japan fans left disappointed

JAPAN fans have been left disappointed after a long-awaited festival aimed at celebrating Japanese culture was cancelled at the last minute.

Art of Living founder to visit Bahrain

SRI Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living, will be visiting Bahrain on May 5 and 6.

Tickets go on sale for major cultural show

A TICKET launching ceremony for the Indo-Bahrain Heritage Fest (IBHF) was held yesterday at Bangkok Restaurant, Umm Al Hassam.

Four jailed for beating up policeman

FOUR Bahrainis who dragged a policeman into an alleyway in Dair and assaulted him have been jailed for seven years each.

Witness 'scared to identify suspect'

A YOUNG woman who witnessed the murder of a man on a beach last year has told a court she could not identify the alleged killer because she was too scared.

Gay prostitutes lose appeal against term

TWO men who dressed in drag and worked as gay prostitutes told a judge they should have been jailed for three months and not six after they had their appeals rejected.

Indian Club to hold Labour Day festivities

NEARLY 2,000 people are expected to turn up for Labour Day celebrations organised by the Indian Club.

Research on solar panels

A STUDY by the University of Bahrain revealed potential effects of dust-repellent nano-tech substances in self-cleaning solar panels.

BD500 reward for missing pet dog

A DOG owner has offered a BD500 reward if his missing pet is found.

Workers to be honoured at festival

MORE than 2,500 labourers are expected to attend a festival aimed at honouring their contribution to society.

May Queen contest invite

ASPIRING May Queens of all nationalities are being invited to register for the Indian Club's annual beauty contest next month.

Cleric Najati 'ignored legal procedures'

THE Interior Ministry yesterday issued a statement in response to media and online reports regarding Shi'ite cleric Hussain Najati.

Minister praises officers

INTERIOR Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa yesterday praised security personnel for their efforts to recapture two convicts who escaped while being taken to court from Jaw Prison on Monday.

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