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Militants seize key border crossing

BEIRUT: Islamic State (IS) militants have seized the last border crossing between Syria and Iraq controlled by the Syrian government after security forces withdrew, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said yesterday.

Iraqi officials said Iraqi security forces had also withd...ReadMore

Immigration 'red line'

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday restricting European Union (EU) migrants' access to Britain's welfare system was a red line in his negotiations with the bloc, ahead of an EU summit he wants to use to launch informal talks on the issue.

Malaysia orders migrant search

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia ordered search and rescue missions yesterday for thousands of boat people stranded at sea, as Myanmar hosted talks with US and Southeast Asian envoys on the migrant exodus from its shores.

IS tightens grip on historic city

BEIRUT: Islamic State (IS) fighters tightened their grip on the historic Syrian city of Palmyra yesterday and overran Iraqi government defences east of Ramadi, the provincial capital that they had seized five days earlier.

Salman 'to attend show in Dubai'

MUMBAI: Convicted Bollywood star Salman Khan is to appear at a Dubai awards show, according to the organiser, despite awaiting court permission to travel.

Final Letterman show draws 14m viewers...

NEW YORK: Nearly 14 million people tuned in to watch comedy legend David Letterman broadcast his final Late Show on American television, the programme's largest audience in 21 years, CBS said yesterday.

17 executed by fighters in Palmyra

BEIRUT: Islamic State (IS) militants have killed at least 17 people including members of the Syrian security forces and pro-government civilians in the city of Palmyra, a monitoring group said yesterday.

US strike 'killed children'

WASHINGTON: Two children were likely killed by a US air strike in Syria in November, the US military said yesterday.

Gap between rich and poor 'is widening'

PARIS: The widening gap between haves and have-nots in much of the developed world not only raises concerns about the fraying social fabric - it's also dramatically holding back economic growth, according to a new global study.

Collider breaks energy record during test run

Geneva: The world's largest particle smasher has broken the record for energy levels in a test run after a two-year upgrade, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced yesterday.

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